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We Sang for our Supper
The Johnson Family Singers - We Sang for Our Supper

One of America's foremost singing families sing some of their broadcast favorites. This CD was produced to accompany the book The Johnson Family Singers: We Sang for our Supper, by Kenneth M. Johnson.

While listening to the radio during the 1940s and early 50s, one often heard the announcer say "The following program was electrically transcribed..." meaning it was produced at one time on a 16-inch disc, to be played at another time on a radio program.

From his private collection of radio transcriptions, the author has selected 20 different songs - identifying the date and sometimes the hour the song was heard by listeners across America. The evolutionary sound of the Johnson voices, from childhood to young adults, represents the maturing sound of the Johnson children, Red, Betty, Bob, and Jim. Usually the accompaniment is by "Pa" Johnson and his faithful guitar; on other songs, the gifted hands of Larry Walker accompanied the family. Still other musicians chimed in occasionally to augment the Johnson sound.

The final song in this collection, "The Death of Ellenton", deserves special note. While it was recorded by the family on Columbia, it was not taken from a transcription. One of the earliest protest songs against the dangers of nuclear energy, the Library of Congress included it in their Bi-centennial release, Songs of Local History and Events. Co-authored by "Pa" Johnson, the song prophetically speaks to the dangers of the nuclear age.

The book features 160 pages, an index, 25 family photographs, discography, and list of national and regional radio appearances. ISBN -157806-004-4

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