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We'd like to know what you think about Betty's music. Please leave your comments in this guest book so we can share your thoughts with other visitors. You can read some of their comments below. Add your own entry here.

Comments from other visitors:
Thank you for A Family Affair at Alumni Hall truly delightful!

11-27-05 What a day..out of the Blue my daughter told me she found the lyrics to The 'Little Blue Man'. I have told her about that song for quite some time (she is 11). That was my favorite song when I was a little girl!I would sing the words that I remembered, and seeing all the words, made it feel like yesterday!! She says it is such a sad song!! My husband and I perform country music, maybe I will convince him that we should do that too...might bring back some nice memories for a lot of folks!!!
Thanks for such a wonderful little song!!
Jan in CT

Hello Betty,
While I have not had the opportunity to order any albums yet, the song titles certainly brought back many fond memories of these lovely old songs.
I am hoping to meet you perhaps sometime in the future.
Willette Ansley

Hi Betty,
Long time no see. I'm still playing all of your great music here in Chicago. Stop in sometime and give a listen.
My best to you Betty and the Family,
Denny Farrell.

As a radio Dee-Jay over 48 years, I have played and forgotten many artists and songs. Recently, while I was putting together a show, I came across, Betty's Hits Vol 1 CD. While typing my program script, I listened to this album which jogged my memory and forgot just how good this lady really was. In this CD, She has resurrected many of her hits and then some. This CD will be added to my programming, to share with my listeners, here at WVUD.

Brian Lee Hart
Newark Delaware

Dear Betty, For some reason, tonight I thought of my favorite song when I was little, "The Little Blue Man". I went on line to get the lyrics and after hearing a sample of it, I found your web site. I never even knew who sang the song, as my older sister always used to sing it to me when I was about 4 or 5. I would beg her to sing it and I always felt sorry for the little blue man. I lost my sister to ovarian cancer about 10 years ago, and I often think of her singing that song to me. Unfortunately I couldn't remember all the words to teach it to my kids. They are teenagers now and would probably think I was nuts if I went around singing it! I have decided when I return from vacation next week, I am going to order your CD with that song. It will continue to bring back wonderful memories of my sister. Thanks! Mimi

Dear Betty:
I have thought of you often and hope that you and your family are all well. If you get a chance to visit us on July 28th, the Northeast Symphony Orchestra will be at ARTS JUBILEE in North Conway at 7:00-7:30 pm. Just bring folding chairs and look for me right in front of the stage.
This will be our 17th consecutive year there and we just completed our 21st Anniversary at the Mount Washington Hotel on July 3. It was wonderful and we are looking forward to reaching our Silver Anniversary Year. I would love to see you again and, if we could meet at some time, I would love to introduce you to the most fantastic NEW musical GENIUS - Peter Baron - who has written TWO musicals, BOOMERS and BROTHER'S KEEPER. The music is as good as anything that I have EVER heard on Broadway - and I mean that sincerely - and in some cases, far better than some of the stuff that is showcased there. You will be astonished at the complexity and the beauty in the melodies and the written words. Let me know if you would like a preview - before they become "famous" shows!!!! Take care - I was just browsing the internet and came across your web site address in my book. Good to know that you are still out there and that your family is following in your footsteps. I still have all of the CD's that you gave me - (if you would like to have them back, just let me know) and I did contact the Music store in Nashua, quite some time back, - where I had placed some of the tapes - and they told me that they had not sold any, but did not know where the stock was???????? Sort of hard to fathom, but even the owner did not have any answers!!!!
I was looking at some of the pictures of our "Celebrating Broadway" show in Nashua and it brought back so many good memories. Thank you again for being so wonderful - you were the highlight of that great show and both Clayton and I appreciate your participation to raise money for NH Helpline. We have not done any more of those shows recently, but occasionally, the urge nudges my senses and I start thinking about it - until I remember that all of the organizing volunteers seem to disappear and I am left with only - ME - to find a way to pull the shows off. I got so tired near the end of the 7th show. But, enough of that!!!!! Please take care and keep in touch - we would love to hear from you. Rosalie Hanson

Hi Betty,
Thank you for shipping your Greatest Hits speedily to me. "The Little Blue Man" was released when I was 15 years old. My whole family just loved it! I sang what I remembered of it through the years. Just a few months ago, my younger sister was talking about it to her husband and some friends. They laughed at her, saying there was could be no such song! She called me, asking if I remembered it. "Surely I do!" I said. I told her I'd find it somehow and send it to her, then her husband and friends would see she was right! I found you, and the rest is history. She now has the CD and is happy as a lark! I am, too. I have just loved the whole CD! Thanks for In The Garden, too! You've blessed millions of folks through the years with your beautiful voice.
God bless, Laura Lewis, Lewis & Lewis, Nashville, TN


Betty, you are AMAZING. So glad we met at Garden Club....we hope to collect all you music, before we are through!!!! Tom and Mary Jane Merritt

Hi Betty,
Just checking in to say hello. I'm still playing your music on my radio show and people love it.
Big Band Hall of Fame Announcer, Denny Farrell


I have tried to find The little blue man for years. Will be good to hear it agian I haven't heard it sence the 50's
Thank you for making it available agian.

my mom used to sing little blue man to me as a child. I miss hearing the sound of her voice singing it to me...

Hi Betty,
Thanks for all the great music.
Big Band Hall of Famae Announcer,
Denny Farrell

Hi Betty! Back in the late 50's, when I was just 5 or 6 years old, I remember my mom singing "Little Blue Man" to my brother & I, and, laughing and giggling, we'd ask her to sing it over & over again. Never knowing who did the original, I've been unable to find it until now, with the aid of an internet search, and am absolutely thrilled to hear it once again, re-living some of those wonderful memories. Thank you so much! Eddie K from Hamlin, New York

I would like to know when "Little Blue Man" will be released once again. My father is 70 years old and would like to get a copy of this song before he dies, he is in exceptional health but this is something that I would like to get for him as a special Christmas gift this year. So if you could please let us know when it is going to be released I would appreciate it a lot........Lydia

Dear Betty, I was 4 years old when your song "Little Blue Man" came out. How I loved that song! On my 5th birthday, my mom called the local radio station, it was WPKY in Princeton, Kentucky. She requested the deejay ("Uncle Willie") dedicate it to me for my birthday. I shall never forget that. Thank you for the song, and for the memory, and I thank God for my special mom. I just sent a cd recording of "Little Blue Man" for my 3-year-old granddaughter Megan. I think she will love it, too.

God bless,
NancySue Krenrich Hamm

Dear Betty, I was 4 years old when your song "Little Blue Man" came out. How I loved that song! On my 5th birthday, my mom called the local radio station, it was WPKY in Princeton, Kentucky. She requested the deejay ("Uncle Willie") dedicate it to me for my birthday. I shall never forget that. Thank you for the song, and for the memory, and I thank God for my special mom. I just sent a cd recording of "Little Blue Man" for my 3-year-old granddaughter Megan. I think she will love it, too.

God bless,
NancySue Krenrich Hamm

Thank you again for all the wonderful music reissued to
be available to us. Betty, I'm certain your garden is
absolutely gorgeous about now.

good morning Betty and Easter greetings to you and your family!i just listen to your,"in the garden" cd,once more and i am blessed again listening to your wonderful music and beautiful voice of you and your daughters!
i wish you all a Blessed Easter ,today!
Praise God from Whom all blessings flow and for His gift of salvation to us,through His Son's sacrifice on the cross for our sins, and that Jesus rose again on the 3rd day,which we celebrate today( Easter Sunday)!
chucvk hemrick
rural hall,n.c.

Dear Betty, My name is Melaine, I live in Newark, NJ. I am doing a report for my class on your life. I have a family of 4 sisters and 2 brothers. Thanks for the information I can use for my school project. Sincerely, Melaine Malone.

Betty'I sent youa message but it was blocked-add me to your address book please.I'm doing the Charltte Spring Show at the Merchamdise Mart March 2-6 but you can reach on my cell phone. Love-Brother Bob

With all of these wonderful comments about Betty Johnson, a word about Lydia Gray is needed here! I stumbled onto Lydia's "Brazilian Breezes" and all I can say is "Wow!" One of the greatest interpretations of A.C. Jobim ever recorded and I've heard them all. Just a distinctive voice with inflection and phrasing that conveys the real meaning of Jobim's unique love songs. Thank you so much for this fantastic album. How about some more pop standards, Lydia?

Bob Joseph
Washington, D.C.

Hello Betty,
Love your beautiful voice!!! You are such an inspiration to the music world. I've been hearing your songs on, "Stay Tuned America," "The Original Big Band Showcase." by Denny Farrell. Here is the link. It's an absolute fabulous show to listen to. So glad they are playing your songs on his show. Best always, Rachel. Here's that link:

Dear Betty,
Greetings from Lenoir, NC, which is in the midst of a winter chill. I just wanted to tell you how much I had enjoyed Betty's hits, Vol. 1 and 2, and "My Heart Sings." I had forgotten some of the numbers on them--"Little Blue Man," "You Can't Get to Heaven," and "1492," but it was like meeting with old friends again. You sound great on "Does Your Heart Beat for Me?" and "I Get the Blues When It Rains." However, one that was entirely new to me is "I Guess I'm Really in Love." You sing those "bouncy" songs with such enthusiasm and you really can put across a slow song as well. I am glad I re-discovered a singer that I once enjoyed so much.
John Hawkins, Lenoir, NC

Dear Betty, I grew up in Lenoir, NC and fondly remember your music. It is great to have another Tar Heel in the Upper Valley. Love your music! Richard Waddell

Hello Betty,
I just wanted to wish you and your Family a very Happy New Year...Thanks a million for all the great Music for my radio show.
My Best To You,
Denny Farrell

Betty, You are the kindest and most wonderful entertainer that I have ever spoken to. Thanks so much for giving us some of the best recordings ever. I heard your interview with Michael Clish on WFAW radio station, Fort Atkinson, WI, near Madison. You talked about the "Make Yourself Comfortable" CD and I love every song. It's sounds like it was recorded today and not years ago. I also heard you talking about the song "All I Want For Christmas is Eddie Fisher". I did not know you recorded it, I have it by someone else. You really have to put that on a CD. Also love your daughter's music too. I wish I weren't retired from radio so I could play of all your music for everyone to hear and Elisabeth and Lydia too. Del J. Viney, Madison, WI

Hello Betty,
I hear your songs on this teriffic radio show "The Original Big Band Showcase," I've been listening to the only World Wide Big Band radio program by Denny Farrell. He has been playing some of your great songs and you are awsome! I am so happy for his program. try listening to his show, he's wonderful!!

Thanks for the memories!!Rachel

Hi Betty,
This is Sonja. I have just ordered cassettes of "In the Garden" for my brothers and sisters, for Christmas. Leandra gave me one of those you sent to her about a year ago. I have enjoyed it so much, and love the selections. I know my family will also enjoy it. Love your website, and seeing your daughters pictures and their recordings.
Merry Christmas to you and family. Say hello to Arthur for me.
Love, Sonja

Good Morning Betty....We are the couple that met you last month after the auction. You were gracious enough to share one of your cassettes with us for our ride home to Massachusetts. We loved the music and the memories that the music brought back.

We also have enjoyed meeting your family via the wonderful website you have set up.

Thank you for sharing part of your life with us.

With Warm Regards...Greg

The Gray Family Singers are the best! The Texas Ross Clan wishes you the very Merriest of Christmas's. Can't wait to get Lydia's new CD. I ordered five... Joy, Monty, Robert III, Chris, and me. Love, Robert

Hello Betty,
Thank's for the new cd...have been playing a few cuts on my radio show. Betty, I just finished narration on a new book called (Captured Pearl) Stop by and listen when you have a second at Hope you enjoy..keep up the great work.
Big Band Hall of Fame inductee
Denny Farrell

Hi Betty,

Have been listening to the newly released "Make Yourself
Comfortable" and once again it is simply awesome how you
take these songs and make them yours! We've listened over
and over--these recordings are timeless, and neat that they
are still selling!
thanks again for the music,
Rodger and Laurelyn Skibin

Hello Betty

I recently bought all your cd's including the latest "Make Yourself Comfortable" . Really enjoyed all of them - hard to pick a favourite. Also just bought Lydia's Brazilian album - Just the ticket after a stressful day !!


When I was a little girl, we played LITTLE BLUE MAN over and over. Now I am playing it for anyone who will listen. I even want a friend to perfom it...

Hello...I'm just tickled about this...I have had the little blue man tune in my head now for 2 weeks or better and I just had to find....if I could find it...It is the most tenderest and sweet little love song ...of a colored imagination....just plain cute! Darlene ...from Wyoming (P.S.) I am 60 years old..and I ahve not heard this little song since I was 16...I'm tickled

Hi Betty,
Have had some nice response after airing one of your selections on my radio show. Tune in

Hi, I just love the website. I have always thought Betty Johnson was a wonderful singer, I still remember the song I Have Dreamed, but I don't remember The Little Blue Man. I will look it up and see if I can find it. Best of luck to you and your lovely family.

I can remember hearing you and the rest of the family on the radio when you were in the Wilder Building in Charlotte.I met Kenneth but never knew him except by his nickname. I loved hearing the gospel songs you and your family did. I was working for Western Union then and saw you and your family in the soda shop. How times have changed for all of us. I will call and order the cd.
Alleen Leonard

Wonderful site, Betty. Great to hear from you again. I'm looking forward to playing some of your selections on my worldwide radio show at, I hope you stop by and give a listen.
My Best,
Big Band Hall of Fame Inductee
Denny Farrell
Betty take a look at my new site. The Briarhoppers are still playing after losing Hogan last year. I also lost my wife Cathy in November to cancer. We had been a team for fifty four years and she had just started helping the Briarhoppers when we found she had cancer. Keep up the good work and would love seeing you in the near future. Maybe you can link my sight. Keep safe Dwight(Briarhopper)

I Love the beautiful voice of Betty. Where can I find the song and I beleive it was " An Evening Prayer"?

Hi, Betty! Really enjoyed "We Sang for Our Dinner" and the Gospel songs which always are more meaningful than contemporary so-called gospel-rock. Planning any videos from 1950s shows, etc.?

Just heard "The Little Blue Man" on radio. Great web site.

Peter from Perth Western Australia.

"I Dreamed" was my favorite vocal listening piece for years when I was a kid in the 1950s. It was so upbeat!

I grew up on a steady diet of The Johnson Family Singers in Charlotte, and so many other wonderful programs from WBT. My mother turned 1100 on the dial on at 5:30 every day for the Esso Reporter followed at 5:35 with the family singing and on Sundays around noon or 12:30 as I recall. Was so pleased to see Betty in person at the Friends of Old Time Radio convention in Newark a few years ago. Have owned "I Dreamed" on a 45 rpm record since it was issued. WBT widened my horizons, instigated a passion in me for radio to this day. I'm currently writing my 11th book, most about radio's golden age, and this one is about music on radio. Maybe Betty will turn up again there! - Jim Cox

Hi Betty,
What a wonderful surprise....I actually stumbled onto this website and found you. I play (even
after all these years) your record to pieces...."Little White Lies". You have no idea the discussions
you have started. Or how many times I have been those who a bit too young to know....
When I have played that record I am so often asked who it's by and when I tell them Betty Johnson...
they laugh...because they think I made the name up... it isn't a far out name like so many singers were
were....but then when I have told them that it is in fact you and tell them a bit about you ( from a
book I have on "Rock'nRoll") They eat their words. I was unaaware that you have CD's available,
but believe me I am very much interested in checking them out. Do you have "Little White Lies"
on any of them? Again...I am so happy to have "found" you.....
you have been a favorite since the first time I heard your record....

I just want you and everyone else to know what a wonderful CD that Chattanooga Swing is. If anyone reading this enjoys the sounds of a big band, then you need to have copy of this CD. The band makes you want to dance and the voices of Betty Johnson and Elisabeth Gray add so much to the music. Just terrific. Nancy Derosier

I just want you and everyone else to know what a wonderful CD that Chattanooga Swing is. If anyone reading this enjoys the sounds of a big band, then you need to have copy of this CD. The band makes you want to dance and the voices of Betty Johnson and Elisabeth Gray add so much to the music. Just terrific. Nancy Derosier

Oh My GOSH! I am so thrilled I found this site.I haven't heard the song "Little Blue Man" since I was a kid in NYC. However, when my youngest daughter, Jennifer was born in 1975 I used to sing the "I wuv you I wuv you said the Little Blue Man,...etc." all the time and now, I am singing it to her daughter, My darling little granddaughter Aysha Victoria. I just ordered 3 CD's and am very very happy!
THanks and glad I found you!
Ilona Ekengren
Chelmsford, MA

What a joy to find this site and help me remember how I loved the BREAKFAST CLUB and could not wait for Betty's song (s). Then when she had some hits and was on Dick Clark I felt like I had known her when. It is so good to hear about her current life and singing. Those were the golden days for music and I am so proud to call myself a
Betty Johnson Fan, and I am not a little green man either.
Best wishes from a true fan from Wisconsin, Bob Hoffman

Dear Betty, all of my siblings grew up to your song "The Little Blue Man.I can't tell you happy I was to find the words, since I was a little girl at the time, and since-I could't remember all the lyrics.Thanks again.I sing it at work all the time. Freddie

I think I worked with youn 59 years ago at WBTCharlotte Jess Willard was station manager Crutchfield program mgr. MJ Minor the Chief Engineer & Grady Cole was the AM personality. I was the switchboard operator,mail room & the usher at the Thursday night Dixie Jamboree. If you know me please answere by E mail.I would love to swap a nutshell of our lives to date. Thanks Jim Stoupe

Greetings from Sigel, IL, pop. 650! Happy Summer 2003. My friend and I heard "THE LITTLE BLUE MAN" on a '50's radio station. We loved the song although it was very sad at the end. But songs were so innocent in those days--a far cry from the garbage that is played on stations today. It was fun to hear this whimsical tune again.

My friend and I were listening to a '50s radio station the other day and heard "THE LITTLE BLUE MAN". It brought back memories of a wonderful era. But, now that we are in our "50's", the song is so sad at the end! But--we love it anyway!

I am the father of The Moody Brothers and the fiddle player that took the place of Fiddlin' Hank Warren,who had a long career playing with the WBT Briarhoppers.We received the Brown-Hudson Folklore Society Award in 2002. In 2003 we received the North Carolina Folk Heritage Award. We are still performing today with Whitey & Hogan, on guitar and mandolin, Don White on bass, David Deese on banjo and Fiddlin Dwight Moody. Enjoyed you site very much.

I can't believe I have finally found "The Little Blue Man". As a young child I used to listen to this song over and over. I love this song! I just downloaded it after all these years and heard it for the first time since childhood. Thank you for these memories...I will be ordering your Greatest Hits so I will be reunited with "The Little Blue Man" once again.

Elizabeth Hack

I was beginning to think I imagined the song The Little Blue Man until I looked it up on the Internet. Sure had a time finding the words to it. It's funny because most who have mentioned the song remember the same lines I did..."I love you, I love you, said the little blue mand and scared me right out of my wits." Thank you for such a delightful song and your others, also.

Nice looking site.

Nice looking site.

Betty....I spent a very pleasant afternoon yesterday with Whitey..........of Whitey and Hogan fame. He and his wife are in the same apartment a friend of mine, and I just happened to bump into him. Being a fan of the Briarhoppers....AND the Johnson family....AND Betty too.....I'm sure your ears were burning! We talked about you and I told him how good you looked when you spoke to the Washington Metro Old Time Radio Club.

He's a fine gentleman....and thinks the world of you. I also met his three daughters.......they're lovely girls!

I don't believe I told you how much I enjoy the cassette I picked up of your songs.

Your artistry.......was...and is....impeccable


Hi. Your 1-800 number doesn't work from Canada, so kindly include a real number on your website. I don't mind paying the charges - i just need a number that functions. Secondly, in ordering a CD, the pick list of supposed States and Provinces, only includes US States. So, I hope that my order will be shipped to Canada, and not to Alabama. Regards

Hi Betty,
I was born in CLT in '34 and grew up on your wonderful music. The mixture of hymns and pop tunes is unparalleled. I'm a retired aerospace engineer here in CA and enjoy trying to reconnect with "back home." I'm making a CD of songs of the era of my Central High class of '51, mainly for classmates. I play the piano in the style of Larry Walker and grew up playing in churches. Wondering if you knew my Dad, Merriman Sholar, who was night manager of Western Union in the Wilder Building. He introduced me to you folks when I was too young to appreciate the experience but I do now. I recall something about Larry Walker but not very clearly that he was afflicted with a problem with his hands in later years. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent and may God bless you and your family. Staton Sholar

Betty is the best. The Johnson Family over WBT and CBS Radio were staples and still are fondly remembered in Rockingham, NC, about sixty miles east of Charlotte. We still have the old radio tht brought us the Johnson Family, Fiddling Hank and the Briarhoppers, Larry Walker, Grady Cole and other WBT favorites. Sid Linton
Sid Linton


Hello, Betty. I was not familiar with you until today. I was watching an old (1958, I think) Jonathan Winters TV show on LIKE TV. Anyone can subscribe to LIKE TV on line for $5 a month and watch all the old TV shows you desire (and movies). No, I'm not affiliated with them. You were the guest singer. I decided to search for your name and found you had a web site. What a joy to see that you are still singing! God bless you and your family. -Gary

One of the first things I remember is my mother singing to me, singing along to Little Blue Man when I was just a baby. She's 80 now and thrilled that I've rediscovered the song.

If this is the Little Blue Man where at the end he says-with a tear in his eye-I don't love you anymore.-I have been looking for this for years and really want to know how to get a copy. Please let me know. Thank you, Lyn

I am Don Kawalec from Newbury VT, I was at your silver tea several years ago, I recently listened to you on WYKR and enjoyed your half hour show and listened to you talk and sing, you made my day!!

I have just received the "Soft Lights & Sweet Music" and "A Family Affair" CDs and they are incredible! Three lovely ladies with sweet, pure voices--each unique, yet obviously a part of the others. "Precious Memories" on "Soft Lights" and "In the Garden" on "Family Affair" transport you to where the angels sing. So much talent packed into one family--they are to enjoy.

I am glad to have found your web site, I have been looking for your music for years. I heard Little Blue Man when I was just a little boy standing in the seat next to my dad while he drove to town to get feed when i was a little boy. I told my dad then that's what i want to do when i grow up. He laughed and told me that you sing for a living. I have never been able to get my music career off the ground but i have always turned up the radio every time i have heard your music since then. Now i have a three year old son who wants my wife or me to sing Little Blue Man to him before he goes to sleep at night. I makes me glad that he loves the same kind of music that i have enjoyed when i was a small child. Thanks again -Mark-

I have Betty's Hits Vols.1&2 and I just love them both. These have some of the best music I have heard in a long time. The Cd;s go with me everywhere I go. My only problem now is to decide what to order next. Nancy D.

Dear Betty
I was at Poles Convent with Lydia and would love to hear from her. The last time I spoke to Lydia was way back in 1991 and would love to hear from her again. Please tell Lydia we are having a 25 year reunion on September 7 & 8 at the school which is now a hotel and will be thinking of her.
With fond memories
Louise Desmond
(Mrs O'Carroll FitzPatrick)

A friend of mine found an old 33 album many years ago with Little Blue Man on it. We have been singing it all across the country to friends and at karoke, even without the music. We searched for years for the album and through a friend just found this website.So excited to finally have the original song. Is there anyway to also order a cd with the music only??
Lee & Audrey

You are my kind of singer! Great taste, "chops" & swing!
I have several of your CDs, and I've just ordered more!
Best to you & your lovely family...
Allen Bardin

what about coming to rams head tavern a annapolis - savage maryland sup club

what about coming to rams head tavern a annapolis - savage maryland sup club

i love your music. thank you for keepping the memories alive

i need the lyrics to "In The Garden". i cant find them anywhere!!

Dear Betty,

I was plesently surprised to find my copy of "In The Garden" yesterday,thank you for the nice note,and catalog you sent with it.
Your garden is indeed beautiful and must be in full bloom about this time of year,I know from experience that it takes a lot of work to get them that way.
But when it comes to your singing it sounds absolutely effortless,it sounds as natural as breathing.
I know I will enjoy it greatly,as will friends of mine I have already introduced to you.

Hymns breathe the praise of the saints,
The vision of the prophets,
The prayers of the penitent and the spirit of the martyrs.
They bring solace to the sad,assurance to the perplexed,
Faith to the doubter and comfort to the oppressed
They span the centuries of history and bridge the barriers of denominations
Study them to be pure in heart;
Sing them to be joyful in spirit,


Thank You And God Bless

Michael Ferris

Just a note to let you know I've enjoyed the new cd, played
it almost daily.

Rodger Skibin

I've been looking for "The Little Blue Man" for years, ever since I first heard it on Dr. Demento in the early 80s. I kept finding it, but only on bad Dr. Demento collections. Now I can order from here. Hooray!

This is my second contribution to Betty's guestbook, and the first one appears early in this list. I first came across Betty when a friend sent me a copy of her CD "A Family Affair" and I wrote to her asking for details of her other recordings. That was a very long time ago, and I have never forgotten her generous response. In fact, we have maintained a regular correspondence and I am sure she will not mind if I say that this has developed into a strong and sincere friendship, which I value immensely. I feel that I know her and her two lovely daughters Lydia and Elisabeth as my friends also, although we have never met, my living in Cornwall, UK.

I grew up in Charlotte and WBT had a powerful influence on my life. At 5:30 in the afternoons my mother tuned the radio to WBT (1100 on the dial) to hear the Esso Reporter followed by the Johnson Family Singers at 5:35 for ten minutes before Curt Massey and Martha Tilton's show. I believe the Johnsons had a half-hour on WBT on Sundays about midday if I'm recalling correctly which our family gathered around to hear. And on at least some Saturday nights they turned up at the Carolina Hayride at the Armory Auditorium behind Central High School if I am remembering right. Gee, those were the days. To think our Betty went so far! How I'd love to hear that Johnson Family harmony again.--Jim Cox

Betty,your brother- Bob L. Johnson has contacted Carol Bradley, Monroe,NC to start a Spanish Fan Club for Elizabeth Gray Who has lived in Madrid, Spain for many years and has just released Chatanooga Swing Big Band,featuring Betty Johnson & Elizabeth Gray-Betty's daughter. Carol's Spanish Class at Forest Hills High School will be USA'First Spanish Fan Club. Carol is Lucille's Grand

My mother used to sing to me when I was just a baby a song called LITTLE BLUE MAN and I have been trying to find lyrics for the song. I have looked on the web and even checked vintage music shops for sheet music. Can anyone get me the lyrics? If anyone can help please e-mail me! And Betty, bravo on the musical past you should be proud!


I have had so much fun with this new music on cd, and also
collecting some of the old. Bless you.

Rodger Skibin

Just received "Betty's Hits- Vol.1". I thought my better half, Al, would like it, but I was wrong, he didn't like it, he Loved it! :) And now wants us to get all
of your CDs. I am so glad you decided to "share" your wonderful music with the rest of the world. I truly Thank You. I too was in search of "The Little Blue Man", but, not until I listened to your CD, did I realize how much I missed the rest of your music. It reminded me of how music like yours was such a big influence and inspiration on my own love of music. For this I cannot Thank you enough. Big Hugs from one of your new/old fans, Cheryl G. in Fall River, MA

We are so proud to have Betty as one of Queens College's alumni.

Betty, your music, your soul, your heart, are all so beautiful. I hope I can grow up and be just like you.
Your St Croix friends-Charlie and Brenda

I have had the wonderful privilege of getting to know Betty Johnson through her extraordinary body of musical work and some might not know--literary, too.

I am involved in the film and television industry, and when I heard a show on the radio one warm and sunny Los Angeles morning about Betty's family story. I listened intently to how they started from humble beginnings to reach national and in Betty's case global prominence. I was truly touched by Betty's inspiring story. I also thought it would make a wonderful television movie. With some effort I was able to track Betty down and she graciously allowed me to read her memoirs. I can only say that in reading her story I felt like I knew her and we were old friends. Perhaps it is that I was raised in a theatrical family, or perhaps it was just that Betty's talent, warmth, charm and faith was so personal and made so accessable--she came through the pages to me.

The movie has not made yet, but we have kept in contact these many years and she has showered me with her charm and wonderful music. Now, her website has also allowed me to meet her beautiful and equally talented family. I hope more people get to listen to Betty's music and that of her daughters.

Thank you Betty. You are the gift from your garden.
Paul Roman

wonderful web site! Looking forward to another hit CD to warm the Vermont nights! Don and Freddie

Betty is my dear friend, and George and I have come to love her and her beautiful family. We have all of Betty's albums and enjoy each and every one. The photo album presented here is a true picture of the happiness and love that binds Betty's wonderful family.

A super-duper website, sister. Kenneth

This is a fantastic site and your music is the best. It's my kind of music, I love thesound and it's easy on my ears. I'm looking forward to the next CD.

Your Greatest Hits CD is always in the CD player in my car. I take you everywhere I go!!MaryAnn in Texas

Love all your music. Can't wait for your next release. Please let me know when youhave a new CD.

One of the greatest singers of my time. I love each and every song and I can understandevery word. Keep up the great work. Morty from Long Island.

I know Betty personally and I can tell you that she is one of the nicest, kindest people Ihave ever met. Bravo Betriz! Marcos.

In the Garden is our family's favorite Sunday music

We love your music because it brings back some wonderful memories. Alan and May in NY

Betty, you are great. Your music reflects your inner and outer beauty. Keep singing. Weneed you!

Ana Maria

Dear Betty, In the Garden,the only piece of music I have and love from you.I praise Godalone who enabled you to sing about Him and His wonderful works. My heart is alwaystouched when the local christian radio stations play your work done in His name. Only whatis done for the Lord Jesus Christ will last throughout all eternity. I wonder if you cantell who I am when I say all went well with Timothy and Dominique is fairly well? Sendemail address to May God Richly bless you!~

I first saw Betty at Cafe Pierre in '95. Unfortnately, my seats were terrible and theaudience was loud. I could barely hear and I could barely see. The following year, Ireturned. My seat was better--I was at the bar. The audience was quiet, but very small.The show was wonderful and I got to speak to Betty afterward. I was delighted to discovershe is every bit as charming, warm, and wonderful off-stage as she is on. That was thelast time I've seen her perform. My only question is HOW MUCH LONGER DO I HAVE TO WAIT?! Iwould love to see her again and again and again. I keep waiting. Hopefully, the wait won'tbe too much longer.

With great memories of the Cafe Pierre,Timothy R. King

"The best!"

"Love your songs!"

"love it!"

 "Greatest music of the century!" 

"As a child (in the early sixties) I would sit in my room and play 45's. My favorite was ""Little Blue Man"". I was telling my children about the song figuring I would never actually be able to play it for them. Thanks to the power of the internet I was able to obtain a copy of the song and introduce your music to them. They love it as much as I did.Thanks,Ben & Alissa's Dad from Boston"

"HelloI have remembered your song since I was a little girl, and everyone I told about it laughed at me.Unforunately, I have tried everything I know to play the file on your website, to prove to my husband the song does exist.I will keep trying tho.Joy Gray...a long time fan" 

"I heard ""The Little Blue Man"" once, years ago, and have remembered it ever since. I'd love to find a copy of the recording in stores (I don't use credit cards, so can't order online). If anyone knows where I can find it, please e-mail me"

 "My Dearest Aunt Betty, This is your Neice writting you. I Love to hear you sing. I listen to your CD Very often. Due take good care of your self. You always brighten up my cloudy days. The Little Blue Man is one of my favorites. Love you, God Bess you.Leandra" 

"Enjoyed the website and will make an order for Christmas later. Leandra has been sharing her CD's with me. Am very impressed with you and yours daughter's recording. Looks like you are having alot of fun. Leandra is very proud and one of your biggest fans. Sonja" 

"Enjoyed the website and will make an order for Christmas later. Leandra has been sharing her CD's with me. Am very impressed with you and yours daughter's recording. Looks like you are having alot of fun. Leandra is very proud and one of your biggest fans. Sonja " 

"Betty:The following letter was returned as ""undeliverable,"" even though it was sent in reply to your letter. The address """" did not work.At any rate, I'll send it this way and hope for the best:-----------------------------------------------A great big ""thank you"" for sending the wonderful CDs. They just arrived,and the only one I've played is the ""Hits"" collection. I was hoping thetracks would be Bally originals, and not re-recorded ones. I was thrilledthey are indeed originals!I'll soon be writing a bit about you, your albums, web site, etc., in the""Mr. Music"" column. I'll be back in touch at that time.Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2001!JerryPS: I see you quote from Discoveries Magazine. I am the founder of that mag, and its publisher for the first five years (1988-'92)." 

"I like the music so much. Keep us happy with more songs."

 "Betty (and Lydia),It's very beautiful to see this long series of albums so tastefully and freshly displayed. I think that besides the colors and texture, you also have the advantage of not using long rectangular lists of songs, and instead grouping them to the left or right of the album cover, so that each album is close to the next, vertically, and none is far away.Regards and best wishes,Herb(Herb Klitzner)" 

"I am your #1 fan in Morocco, and I think you are great and your music is wonderful.Love you,Cynthia from Casablanca (Morocco)" 

"I have looked for the ""Little Blue Man"" for years, I sang it to my children and lately sang what I remembered of it to co-workers. I am so glad to have found you.Vereta M. Campbell" 

"I was ten when I first heard Betty sing. It was through the earphones to my crystal set that used to keep on the bedside table. In 1957, we moved to California and in 1958, to Korea. That was the last time I remember hearing her. But, I didn't forget the song that first enticed me. It was, ""I Dreamed.""Last week, I thought about the song again, perhaps for the first time since 57. I couldn't remember the title but the words were still fresh so it was an easy search on the Internet. Now, I have Betty here on my computer and all of her songs as well.Want my opinion of Betty Johnson? She was a better singer than Doris Day and better looking as well (smiling). Thanks Betty, for the memories!Lou Keller"

 "I loved ""the Little Blue Man"" and continually sing it to my children and, more recently, grandchildren. They thought I was crazy because they listen to oldies stations all the time and never heard it. On a whim I started a web search and . . . I FOUND IT!Then I found your website . . . what a day I am having. HeeNana DJ" 

"Hi, there. Ionly want to say that the quality of Bettys voice and tunes are super for my soul, Love ya Betty..........g."

 "Betty - With fond memories. Carl Smarling here, Barbaraand you were at the Stamford Branch a ""few"" years back. We arenow, after many travels, in Kent, CT. Barbara has Parkinsons andwould love to hear from you. Warmest regards.PS. I found this site as I was looking for some Don McNeill material."

 "Hello, I was looking for your selection ""The Little Blue Man"" to show my sons a song that I use to listen to when I was a kid (eleven years old). I really liked that song. Anyway, when my son, who is 27 years old saw your picture on the album cover, he said, ""She looks great""! Anyway, you are still as beautiful as ever and I still love your music." 

"I grew up listening to the wonderful music you and your family shared on WBT radio. To read of your success was the highlight of my day. Good luck in all your future endeavors.Peggy Palmer, Rock Hill, SC " 

"I didn;t realize Betty was still singing untilI saw an article about her and her family in the Charlotte Observer this morning. It sure brought back memories when I was growing up and a young teenager in Charlotte. The Johnson Family was one of my favorite singers, right up there with the Chuck Wagon Gang. So glad to hear you're back singing again, Betty.Sincerely, Merle Austin Haney, Charlotte, NC" 

 "Betty,A story about the Johnson Family singers appeared in the Charlotte Observer on Wednesday.I hope you are doing well. We miss you in Charlotte.Fred - Harding Class of '47"

 "Betty, I just wanted to know how much I enjoyed your music in the 40's, 50's, 60's.....I'm glad that I can order your Albums noe that you have a we site. Thanks, Avis L." 

"The pop oldies station here in L.A. played Betty's ""I Dreamed"" a few weeks back, and now it's played regularly. I remember it from 1956, and even have the original, Bally 45 single. It's one of those put-down-the-top and drive along the Pacific coast highway, sing-along numbers that never gets old and always sounds great!Jack in Los Angeles" 

"I remember Betty from the mid and late 50s hits such as ""I Dreamed"" and ""Little Blue Man."" I have recently been able to collect many of her recordings and would like to get more. Love her voice. How to describe it? Cute, bouncy, appealing...I lack the adjectives I would like to use to more accurately express all the tonal qualities and inflections that I find so endearing. I'm glad to have found this website. "

 "I want to know when Betty is coming out with another Hit collection. Love the music.Nick"

"I am happy to know that Betty Johnson's Hits, Vol 2 will be out soon. Let us know.Thank You. A Great Admirer" 

"Please let us know where and when you will be performing in the near future. Thank you!" 

"Can't wait to hear you and your daughter sing Friday afternoon in Greene, Maine Ron & Connie Wills of Woolwich"

 "I have been looking for the song Little Blue Man for over 20 years-my husband had never heard of it he's from California so I was trying to proof to him that your song existed-thanks to the internet-I've found it and will probably order it."

 "The first record of Betty I bought was ""Dream""-I was too young to recall earlier ones. I fell in love with her voice. Her diction and phrasing are perfect, I feel. I hope it is planned to issue vol2 of her hits. Please convey my best wishes (from Scotland) to this fine artiste. She has no equal. long may she keep singing and recording "

"I love every song on Volume 2!!!

I continue to love Betty's music. It has a quality that can't be surpassed. Love it, Larry Keane

Hallo Betty - Congratulations on your latest CD ""Betty's Hits Vol.2""To anybody reading this comment, may I say that I have every one of your nine CDs and that I can thoroughly recommend any one of those. Alan Boughton, Cornwall, UK

I have several of Betty's CD's and sooo enjoy each and everyone of them. I even have some ""old' 45's of Betty singing. You can even talk to her when ordering her music. Wonderful


I've been a fan and admirer of Betty Johson since the WBT days. The Johnson Family Singers were legendary, and Betty carries on the tradition admirably. It was a great pleasure several years ago to see the whole family, except for ""Ma"" who had passed away, sing Precious Memories on a televised reunion telecast of ""The Briarhoppers,"" another of the WBT groups known far and wide in the 40s and 50s. They're still singing too!. Sid Linton

I am just appreciative of the Cd's beingavailable.

Appreciate the material out on Cdin recent yearsBest, Rodger Skibin

I remember riding in a truck with a truck driver who was a friend of mine in the 1980's when I was still in high school. I heard the song about the ""Little Blue Man"" and I think of riding with this friend who has since passed away. This was in California going to LA and listening to KRTH before they lost the touch of playing variety. I want to say that was a song that brought back memories of my youth.

Bill Garrison 411 Roswell Ct. Indianapolis, In. 46234. 317 273-8345. mailed an order via USPS and would like to know the status.

I want the words to The Little Blue Man and am having trouble finding it. I have found it on a C.D. with lots of othersthat cost a lot of money. I just want the one song's words. My husband used to sing it to me even before we were married 25 years ago. We have forgotten the words since it has been a while(20 or years) since he sang the whole song. Now all he remembers is the first few words or so and it keeps bouncing around in my head. It reminds me of more romantic times. I love the song, what I can remember of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want the words to The Little Blue Man and am having trouble finding it. I have found it on a C.D. with lots of others that cost a lot of money. I just want the one song's words. My husband used to sing it to me even before we were married 25 years ago. We have forgotten the words since it has been a while(20 or years) since he sang the whole song. Now all he remembers is the first few words or so and it keeps bouncing around in my head. I even sing it to my two teenage boys who think I am crazy!! I want the song!! It reminds me of more romantic times. I love the song, what I can remember of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I enjoy your music and LOVE The Little Blu Man Best!!!!!!!Debbie"

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